In a pinch? Compact discs, honey, mints and pennies can help you achieve your next weed sesh. Here’s how.

Life hacks make life simple, and these marijuana hacks make your experience more enjoyable, especially for the uninitiated. These simple tips will help you make the best out of every joint and make the most of your weed, ensuring nothing is lost. Trust us, you want to be in-the-know about this.

Check out these 5 marijuana hacks that’ll improve your smoking ten fold.

1. Use Mints to Keep The Munchies at Bay

The munchies can be great, but they can also be super annoying. Sometimes it sucks to smoke some weed and then have to make yourself some pasta at midnight. Mints are the answer to all your prayers or at least can help control your urges. You can suck on one while you smoke, keeping the munchies at bay while also helping you cope with your cottonmouth. Two birds, one stone.

2. When You Don't Have a Grinder

You should invest in a grinder, but there are ways of cutting your marijuana neatly and evenly without making a mess. Grab a penny and clean it thoroughly, then put your marijuana in a pill box, drop the penny inside, close it up, and shake. Keep on shaking. After a vigorous workout you’ll be left with a some evenly cut marijuana. You can go buy a grinder now.

3. Honey

Honey is delicious and it’s a great companion for marijuana. After you’ve finished rolling up a joint or a blunt, be sure to coat it with a small amount of honey. This will ensure that your joint/blunt burns more slowly and evenly while also adding some sweetness.

4. Compact Discs are Still Useful

If you’re like men, then you’ll probably have some old floppy discs laying around. These can be used to neatly pack bowls by using the middle hole of the discs. Easy, fast, and you’ll give use to something that is otherwise trash.

5. What To Do if You Spill Weed On the Floor

Oh yeah, there’s also this.