Today, we invite you to share your love story (with weed)!

Maybe it’s the story of when you smoked for the first time.

Maybe it’s the time you got super stoned with your friends and couldn't stop laughing.

Or maybe you fell in love with weed after it made some crappy fast food taste like five star dining.

Whatever your love story is, share it with us in the comments below.

We'll choose a few of the funniest stories to feature here on the blog and on our social media as we celebrate love (and weed)! So please only tell stories you don't mind us sharing!


  • Nikki Dowell

    Where we were all sitting. As I got closes I can see it moving around on the ground. I took my sweater off and scooped it up off the ground. Both my friends came running over to see wat I had found. It was a baby possum no bigger that my 12 year old hand. By the time I walked 2 1/2 blocks up to my house. The creature was sitting on my shoulders by the time I made it home that thing was attached to me. It was crazy. I had it for like two months before my day made me give it to a wild

  • Nikki

    The first time I fell in love with weed is the first time I smoked weed. My two friends and I were sitting at the church down the road from our houses. We were 12 years old. We were up inside the jungle-gym house. We decided we were going to all try it for the first time. We all laughed, giggled, we all were really stoned. As I was sitting there I was looking out the little door and all of a sudden I seen something grey go falling out the tree. It was weird. I asked if anyone had seen that? Of course they just looked at me and bust up laughing. So I climbed down from were will wter

  • Stephanie

    I got in a car accident and broke my face. I had a crack in my skull, broken eye socket, three breaks in my cheekbone, and two in my jaw. I also broke my spine in two places. I did a year of physical therapy but I’m sure you can imagine the lingering pain.
    My boyfriend has always been a pot head and finally convinced me to give it a shot and it changed my life. I dealt with so much physical and emotional pain I wasn’t sure how I’d survive moving forward, but that funny flower changed my life. I’m now a proud pot head too

  • @Heavenlyhighigan

    I fell in love with weed at a VERY young age. My Dad (whom was not around much when I was little) used to grow it in this hidden area behind his house. I could only visit “sometimes”. He used to make hash- and would experiment with different methods of growing.. he used to tell me stories about how HE fell in love with marijuana. Hanging with his friends when he was a teenager and creating bonds with people through it. Well one night he had a huge house party when I was about 12 years old, my uncle (who is only 9 years older then me) and my dad were sharing a joint in front me- my dad looked away for a super quick second and my uncle passed me the joint. THIS WAS THE MOMENT. THE MOMENT OF ALL MOMENTS. I snatched the joint- took a HUGE hit. My dad looked back over- I was caught. I coughed and coughed, he looked at me and just started dying in laughter. From that day on- he would invite me to the circle.. I had this bond with my father I had never gotten before. He’s still not really around- but in that moment I knew- I knew marijuana WAS special. It has shown me SOO much more since then. And continues to enrich my life. #marijuanaismymedicine

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