At Cool Weed Shirts, we make high fashion for high people.

We create clothes that we want to wear ourselves. We draw designs that make us laugh. And we print them on shirts so soft, you won't ever want to take them off.

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Hans Huo III grew up in Glendora, California where he did the basic stuff children do. Later in life, he traveled to Fort Collins, Colorado where he currently runs Cool Weed Shirts from. Hans is afraid of his mortality and hopes the things he creates will make lots of people happy. Then maybe when modern civilization collapses into chaos, people will remember him and they’ll help him survive the bloodshed and violence. Global economic collapse is looming. It’s going to be horrible, and honestly, a swift death may be preferable than living in the hell that awaits mankind. Hans also really hates writing about himself in the third person. I hate this. That’s right. It’s me. I’ve been writing this whole thing. Hi. The cat’s out of the bag. It’s just you and me now. There was never a third person. If you want to know anything about me, just ask. Sorry this wasn’t more informative.